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traveling abroad with your iphone

here we gave you new travel tips with your iphone, you feel confuse about how your iphone will be in another country, does it support the network or everthing else? don't worry, the article below will help you and your cool iphone :D

Q : What do I need to do to use my iPhone abroad?

A : Before you go, visit AT&T’s Web site ( to double-check that your iPhone will be able to find a compatible carrier in the specific countries you plan to visit. If you click the Travel Guide link on the page, the site walks you through a three-step process for using wireless phones overseas.

In the first step, you click on the countries on your itinerary. Once you have your list of destinations, the second screen asks you to select the make and model of your wireless handset.

The site then tells you what international carriers support your phone and what services are offered. This summary page also lists the cost for a minute for voice calls in the countries you plan to visit. Rates for sending and receiving data (like e-mail messages and Web pages) and short text messages on your iPhone are also listed.

Standard international calling rates can be quite expensive — $1.29 a minute when you are in Britain, for example — but you can often get discounts on rates for many countries if you sign up for one of AT&T’s international packages. Its World Traveler package, which costs about $6 a month, lowers the cost of a call in Britain to 99 cents a minute.

International data rates for downloading e-mail can be exorbitant, so AT&T also offers Data Global plans. Prices start at about $25 for 20 megabytes of data.

Your iPhone will probably find a European network to use all on its own when you get there, but the prices for voice and data will be high. AT&T advises contacting the company in a retail store or at 800-331-0500 to activate the international roaming function and a plan for your phone before you take off.

Once you get to Europe, you may want to adjust your iPhone’s settings to avoid surprisingly large bills. Turn off the data-roaming feature by going into the Settings area, into General to Network and flipping Data Roaming to off. Turn off the setting that automatically checks for new e-mail as well. And use the iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection for mail and Web viewing as much as possible to keep your data usage off the wireless carrier’s network.

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