Monday, October 5, 2009

5 scariest hotels in the world

here we give you 5 list of world scariest hotels, so be careful when you're choose the hotel to stay while you're do traveling. don't make your holiday become nightmare.

1. Carter Hotel
On a more realistic side of scary, the Carter Hotel in Manhattan is, according to the official hotel reviews, a hotel for the budget traveler. After a more thorough search, one notices that the Carter Hotel is famous for being the dirtiest hotel in America for the past 3 years. For around 200$, you can choose to stay in any of the 700 rooms, packed with moldy patches, terrible plumbing and bugs dead or alive, a complementary gift from the staff. Probably one of the scariest things you can find in a hotel room, as reported by the New York Post, is a woman’s body found in one of the rooms of Carter hotel in Augus

2. Roosevelt Hotel
Located in Hollywood, the Roosevelt Hotel is mainly famous for being home for 2 years to Marilyn Monroe before she started her modeling career. The 12-story Spanish style hotel opened in 1927, has 302 rooms and suites and cost $2.5 million to make. Miss Monroe stayed in room 1200, which overlooked the pool side. The huge mirror that hanged in her room is now in the lobby, many guests believing it is haunted by her spirit. Some guests even say they have seen her dancing in the hotel’s ballroom.

3. The Ocean Edge Resort & Club
The Ocean Edge Resort & Club in Cape Cod, Massachusetts is one of the few hotels not afraid to admit about its inhabitant ghosts. Even more, when you choose the “Spooky Mansion” package, they’ll even throw in the midnight cup of coffee and a flashlight to help you look for the ghost. And, if Addie doesn’t show, you’ll have plenty of entertainment opportunities to keep you


4. Stanley Hotel
For a combination of remote, refreshing and scary, choose the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The 138-room hotel located near the Rocky Mountain National Park is the one that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. Built in 1909 by Freelan O. Stanley, the hotel is still home to the original owner. Stanley’s ghost can often be seen in the lobby or pool room, while others guests complain about hearing children playing in the hallway at night.

5. The Hotel del Coronado in San Diego
California is considered by many one of America’s most beautiful resorts. However, the hotel’s legend about a 24-year old gold digger that was found dead in 1892 is one of the odd attractions. Apart from the usual activities of ghost-haunting (door slamming or hearing voices), the ghost also invades your bed. She leaves shapes on one’s pillow, as if her head was resting there.

the few of the hotel above seems didn't looks scary at all, but watch out readers, maybe the ghost are waiting you :D

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