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buy travel insurance while traveling to another country

Can i buy travel insurance while i am travelling in another Country ?

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question :
Can i buy travel insurance while i am travelling in another Country?
I am traveling from central asia. And now i am currently in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. And i am thinking about travelling to few other countries. And then, may be a bit late, now i am thinking about travel insurance. I have read from internet there are annual international insurances. But there are too many relevant or not-relevant information, and i have not enough time to read them in detail. If you have any practical suggestion, recommendation that will be very helpful.
Thank you very much.

answer :
1. Yes, several companies offer on line travel insurance, but you will have to print off your cover from wherever you are, and not all internet cafes will let you download/print attachments. Regret you will have to complete the forms fully - whether you think the info is relevant or not.

2. The link below has travel medical plans available to travelers from any country. There are a few choices so, if you don't have that much time, I would suggest you to call for information. If you are taking multiple trips over the year, here is the link to quote & compare the annual multi-trip plans.

for further information, you can visit :

and here it is the use of buying travel insurance by Bill Mason

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

When you choose to travel, you take the risk of lost luggage, flight cancellations, reservation cancellations, theft and many other situations which may cause anxiety. Planning a vacation is stressful enough without having to worry about something going horribly wrong. Purchasing travel insurance will ensure that you are compensated if anything goes wrong on your trip. When trying to determine whether or not to purchase travel insurance, keep in mind the points listed below which may make your decision much easier.

Many forms of travel insurance will cover you in the following areas:

  • Medical Emergencies – Travel insurance will provide you with financial help should you encounter a medical emergency while traveling. If you become ill or are injured while on vacation, your travel insurance will provide you coverage in both situations.
  • Cancellations or Delays – If for any reason (beyond your control) your trip is cancelled or delayed your travel insurance will provide you with financial coverage. This includes coverage if your airline goes bankrupt or out of service. Your travel insurance will either compensate you for the money you lost or provide you with new means of transportation. .
  • Theft – If anything belonging to you is stolen while you are on vacation, your travel insurance will provide you with financial assistance to replace the items which were stolen. .
  • Damage or Loss of Personal Property – This is likely to happen while on vacation. If your luggage is lost or damaged while on vacation, your travel insurance will definitely cover at least some percentage of the property that is missing. Depending on the insurance plan, it may financially cover all the items that are missing. .
  • Lost Passport – If you lose your passport or it is stolen while you are on vacation, travel insurance will provide you with the means to get a temporary one. Your travel insurance company will inform you on how to get in contact with your country embassy so that you can arrange to receive a temporary passport.

Depending on the insurance plan you choose, you may be fully or partially covered in the areas listed above. Choose your policy according to what you think the possibility will be that you will require the assistance on your trip.

For many vacationers, travel insurance eliminates any worry that an unforeseen circumstance may arise in which you do not have the money or means to take care of.

Travel insurance helps you relax and enjoy your trip without agonizing over things that may or may not go wrong. Relaxing and enjoying? Isn’t that why you planned the vacation in the first place?

we hope this articles useful for you so you can enjoying your traveling. and if you have an experience about buying travel insurance, you can share your experience on this blog.


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