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10 most mysterious people in the world

For centuries, the history full of stories about the mysterious people. Many of them have never been identified or recognized. The following list contains the 10 most significant mysterious presence in the world.

10. Monsieur Chouchani
Emmanuel LevinasMonsieur Chouchani (died in 1968) is a nickname or a nickname given to the figure of a Jewish teacher who taught some students in Europe after World War 2. Most of the students later became prominent figures, among them was Emanuel Levinas (from the French philosopher, as shown in photo at right), and Elie Wiesel (Jewish Writer, Nobel peace laureates in 1986). Very little is known about Chouchani, including who is actually a still mysterious.

No physical work (such as writing, publications, books, etc.) from Chouchani, but he left an intellectual heritage that is extraordinary by his students. Chouchani an eccentric figure, dressed like a bum, but has a very broad knowledge of them in the field of science, mathematics, philosophy and especially the Talmud. In general, details about the life Chouchani obtained through writing and interviews with his students.

9. The Poe Toaster

Grave PoeThe Edgar Allan Poe Toaster (People toasting with Poe) is the nickname given to the mysterious figure who paid tribute to American writers, Edgar Allan Poe by visiting his grave, every year, on Poe's birthday today (January 19). Respect for the tradition started in 1949, a century after the death of Edgar Allan Poe (1849).
Every morning on January 19, a figure with disheveled clothing dark visited Poe's grave in Baltimore, Maryland. The figure is then raised a glass of cognac to make a toast (toast). Before leaving the tomb, he put the 3 red roses and cognac bottle filled with half living in Poe's grave. 3 roses believed to be a symbol of respect for Poe, Virginia (Poe's wife) and Maria Clemm (Poe-in-law) who is buried in the same tomb. While the purpose of a half bottle of cognac itself is unknown. The tradition carried out by the Poe Toaster was still continued until today, but it is believed that it was not done by the same person (probably handed down to descendants of the original Poe Toaster).

8. Babushka lady

Babushka Lady was the nickname given to the mysterious woman who looks as the United States presidential assassination, John F. Kennedy. The woman was seen wearing a brown coat, and scarf on his head, as worn by elderly women in Russia. Tersebutlah scarf that became the beginning of the name attached to her babushka (Russian babushka is for a grandmother or older female). Women are seen holding something in front of his face, which is believed to be the camera. He looked at some pictures that captured the murder scene. Even after the crowd had ended, he was seen there and take pictures with her camera. A few moments later, the FBI requested through a public announcement that babushka lady handed camera shots (perhaps for purposes of investigation), but he never came back to the public.

In 1970, a woman named Beverly Oliver, claimed as a babushka lady. But because the story contains many irregularities and inconsistencies, he is believed to be a false figure who wants to ride fame = P Until now no one knows who the figure is actually babushka lady, what was he doing at the scene of the murder and why he did not want to give shots camera.

7. Kaspar Hauser

On May 26, 1828, a teenager seen on the street in Nuremberg, Germany. He carried a letter addressed to Captain Regiment Kavalry to Germany 6. Mysterious letter writer brought by Hauser stated that the child was given to him to be arrested since he was a baby, on October 7, 1812, and since then the child is incarcerated in the man's house. Hauser claimed that since he could remember anything, he was locked up alone in a dark room measuring 2 × 1x1.5 meters with a bed of straw as a bed and a wooden rocking horse, carved by hand as a toy. Hauser also claimed that the first person to interact with a mysterious man who visited him shortly before he was released, which is always careful to keep his face was not seen by Hauser.

According to rumors, Hauser is the prince of Baden who was born on September 29, 1812 and died a month later. Dirumorkan that the Prince is exchanged with the baby dying, whereas the original prince was Hauser who appeared 16 years later at Nuremberg. In 2002, the University of Munster to do DNA analysis that compares the DNA Hauser and Stephanie de Beauharnais who dirumorkan as Mother of Hauser (Queen of Baden). The results showed that the DNA sequence is not identical but the deviation is not shown so far that does not follow that they have no blood relationship.

6. Fulcanelli

Fulcanelli is the pseudonym of French chemists in the late 19th century whose identity is still unknown. Many of the mysteries that surrounded him, but one of the most popular rumor is a story stating how the beloved disciple (Eugene Canseliet) managed to change 100 grams of lead into gold by using a powder that was given to him by Fulcanelli.
It is believed that during World War II German intelligence to search intensively to find Fulcanelli as his knowledge in the field of nuclear weapons. Fulcanelli never met an atomic experts from France and provide detailed information relating to nuclear technology and claimed that atomic weapons had been used by humans since many years ago.

According to Canseliet (Fulcanelli students), his last meeting with Fulcanelli was in 1953 in Spain. At that meeting, Fulcanelli which 80-year-old should grow younger, and looks like a 50-year-old man (O_O). The meeting itself was short enough, then returned Fulcanelli disappeared from the public for good.

5. D. B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper aka Dan Cooper is the pseudonym used by a famous pirate and a mysterious plane that on November 24, 1971, after receiving a ransom of $ 200,000, jumped from the rear of the Boeing 727 which dibajaknya. In pembajakannya action, Cooper took a bag containing the bomb and threatened to blow it up, if he had not given a sum of $ 200,000 and 2 sets of parachutes.
Cooper did not appear since then and is not known whether he survived the penerjunannya. In 1980, a child aged 8 years to find that kind of money $ 5,800 dollars in denominations of $ 20 on the Columbia river in the United States. Code found in series of money is equal to the money given to Cooper as the ransom money.

Cooper fugitives from the rear of the aircraft using a parachute, causing airports began to use metal detector to prevent the same thing happen again.

4. Count of St. Germain

Count of St. Germain, who allegedly died on February 27, 1784 was a nobleman, adventurer, amateur researchers, violinist, composer, and a mysterious. He also showed some skills related to chemistry. Myths, legends and speculations about the St. Germain continued to grow in the late 19th century and early 20th century and continues to this day. They included the belief that St. Germain is an immortal (eternal life), a chemical engineer who has "Elixir of Life" (Liquid Eternity), and has predicted the French Revolution.

Since his death, many organizations that make Occult as a respected role models, and some even worship him. Not a few also claim to admit as St. Germain, or the incarnation of St. Germain.

3. Man In The Iron Mask

Hmm .. sound familiar?
No, we're not talking about Leonardo Di Caprio or movie Man In The Iron Mask played by him. Apparently the film was inspired by a mysterious figure in France.

Man In The Iron Mask (Died November 1973) is a prisoner incarcerated in a prison in France (including the legendary prison, the Bastille) in the reign of King Louis XIV. This man's identity was never known because no one ever saw his face hidden in a brown leather mask. Now we know that since time immemorial, people like to exaggerate stories because the stories in circulation, is told that the mask is made of steel that became the beginning of the nickname given to him.

According to the letter given to the head of Prison in Pignerol (Bénigne Dauvergne de Saint-Mars) where the first man in prison, the man's name was Eustache Dauger. The letter also instructed to set up a cell that is coated with a door (to prevent people from outside to hear the voice from inside the cell). It also said that when he was talking to someone other than for matters related to personal needs (example: "warden .. I want be'ol ..!!" = P), he will be killed instantly. Until now no one really knows who the identity of this man, but there are some rumors saying that he was the brother of Louis XIV, son of King Charles II, diplomats from Italy, and others.

2. Gil Perez
Gil Perez is a Spanish soldier who suddenly appeared in Mexico on October 26, 1593. He wore uniform Del Gobernador Palace guards in the Philippines. He claimed that he did not know how suddenly he was in Mexico (hmm ... maybe he is Jumper is first in the world = P). He said, before suddenly being in Mexico, he was on duty at the Palace Del Gobernador and said that the Governor of the Philippines at the time, Don Gómez Pérez Dasmariñas had just been killed.

Two months later, a ship came from the Philippines to Mexico with some passengers. The passengers are confirmed stories of Gil Perez that the Governor of the Philippines had just been killed. Even one of his passengers. One of the passengers on the ship even stated that he recognized and saw Perez in the Philippines on October 23 (O_O). After that, Perez then returned to the Philippines and continues to live there until the end.

1. Green Children of Woolpit

Green Children of Woolpit (2 children of Woolpit green) are two children who mysteriously appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England in the 12th century. Both children are brothers, and have green skin (Hulk ???). In addition to the green skin, the child has a normal appearance as humans most. They spoke in a strange language that is not recognized and did not want to eat anything except green beans.
After a long time, both the child's skin loses color and the color green color of normal human skin in general. After studying English, they explained that they came from a village called "St. Martin "which is a dark place because the sun does not shine there. When he was herding cattle belonged to their father, they found a river of light and followed him, until suddenly they were in Woolpit. Some theories claim that the child is a child of another dimension, or aliens from outer space.

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