Wednesday, November 2, 2011

5 Things To Take on Your Backpacking Adventure in Europe

Backpacking around Europe is something everyone should do at least once in their life. A myriad of cultures, magnificent sites and dazzling beauty, a European adventure can be the adventure of a lifetime. Prepare yourself for a life changing experience, and don’t forget these five tips to help make it the perfect adventure.

  1. Get a good Backpack – A good pack is essential if you want it to make it through the adventure. To start with, think about how much stuff you think you will need to take with you and how much you want to carry. A lot of things can be picked up on your travels and don’t need to be brought from home, so if possible opt for a less than enormous pack. Next decide what type of features you may need. Should it be waterproof, have lots of pockets, a detachable daypack or even secret inside compartments? Finally, have it fitted to your body type. Packs come in lots of sizes so have someone who knows how make sure you get a pack that fits. This could be the difference between an enjoyable experience and back strain.
  2. Gifts – You are going to meet a lot of new friends, be invited to stay at people’s places and be helped out all along your travels. Having a small token gift from home can be a very classy way of thanking people who do you a good turn when on your adventure. Sweets are an especially good idea or small stuffed animals. These will be items that are uncommon in Europe which will add charm to your show of gratitude.
  3. Get Business Cards – Business card printing is a fun and practical approach to having a quick and easy way to exchange contact details with new friends along the way. You will find yourself exchanging details with dozens of people and sometimes several at a time, so having a card will be a fun and easy way to be sure your new mates can get in touch. Stop by a printing services business and make up a funky card, you’ll be really glad you did.
  4. Language Books – Europe is an extremely diverse place with many cultures and languages. If you expect people to help you out when you are visiting their country, you’d better at least try and speak the local language. Get some language books for the countries you are visiting and learn a phrase or two. It’s a fun thing to try while you are traveling around and also shows you respect the people who’s country you are visiting.
  5. Bring an Instrument – There will be lots of time to kill when you are waiting for buses or hanging out at airports, so if you play an instrument or want to learn how, this could be your big chance. Small is good so instruments like the harmonica or even a banjo are nice options. You’ll probably find yourself at more than a couple parties or hanging out the occasional campfire, so why not learn to play something.

Have a great trip. Remember these tips and it’ll be your best trip ever!

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