Thursday, October 28, 2010

Drinking, Elephant Trunk bitten by Crocodile

We often heard how fierce tiger or lion hunt African prey like a horse, cow, bull, buffalo, deer and the like. Or crocodiles that lurk the animals were drinking near the swamp hideout.

But there is a rare occurrence that was caught on camera amateur photographer named Johan Opperman (38) when visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa. This photo dipublikaskan The Sun Daily, 28 October.

In the photo it appears the child is engrossed menghisa elephant with its trunk swamp water. Suddenly, a large crocodile emerged from the swamp of proboscis was immediately clamped with a strong molar teeth.

Of attraction between children with crocodile elephant take a few moments. Children elephant also has a strong power so it can pull it up to the mainland crocodile marsh boundary.

Children elephant roaring and called his family shortly elephant troupe came to help.

The elephant was trying to save the child with wail and stepped on his foot alligator body. The scene is much like the fight between an elephant against a crocodile.

Because the herd of elephants and crocodiles beaten for his life, eventually prey is in sight it was secrete.

Johan said the incident during the day and do not usually crocodile dare mess with this giant animal. Was predictable, crocodile failed lunch. "I think this is very rare and to my knowledge, crocodiles do not usually try to catch the elephants," said Johan

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