Thursday, June 10, 2010

caribbean scuba diving

This website brings to you the Best Caribbean Resorts. We love caribbean scuba diving. The Caribbean is also a great place to learn to dive with fantastic warm waters and great visibility also you get the best diving schools and the best instructors. From fantastic Caribbean all inclusive resorts to great value options the Caribbean Islands can and do welcome everyone. We have a new section for caribbean restaurants so that when you come you can get some recommendations already depending on which island you are on. Please don't forget to contribute something if you feel it isn't right for you- we all need and value your opinion.


The culture is so varied and fascinating attracting the worlds past pirate adventurers and modern day scuba divers and scuba instructors. The Caribbean islands in general are safe have fantastic people ready to welcome you and who will engage you in conversation as sometimes its too darn hot to do much else, well unless you go get in the water !

It may not be the best diving in the world in some respects but do you really want to be stuck on a liveaboard or face 2 days of travel to perhaps see your schooling Hammerheads if you get lucky ? Of course you do sometimes but not every year. And if your going to do it often then plan ahead to retiring here in the caribbean. Have a look through the islands and get some ideas about your next Caribbean Holiday. Buying property in the Caribbean is a hot ticket, being so close to the U.S. and Canada, it is home to many expats. So come and explore the website upload some photos. Send us some news, we really would love to hear from you.

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