Sunday, November 1, 2009

indonesia is a role model for the world

The world is volatile both in terms of socio-economic and political, the global economic crisis is really only happens in the American impact on countries that depend on liberal economics. Trust between nations and religious people of the world approaching a crisis point difference is often viewed as an attitude for each drop

Then where Indonesia? What we feel it all?

Broadly speaking, we are not affected by the situation that occurred in the world today, we are somewhat stable economy even mentioned Indonesia as a country that can get through the global crisis more quickly than other countries. Because our economy is still able to rely on the domestic market is large enough. Plus the power of the current banking that began switching to sharia, a system already adopted by some banks in the UK and became a system that is easy to waver because of the global crisis like now.

And what about the crisis of confidence in democracy?

United States is always echoing itself as the country with the best democratic system was seen as another country dimulut other ditindakan, all false. While Indonesia is nearly 11 years through democratic reforms began to taste the beautiful, all can be seen from the general election either, despite the lack of technical stuff but all that much different from the elections during ordebaru, where before it was voted the winner already.

Is Indonesia apart from the issue of religious differences??

After the events of 11 semptember United States government that seemed to "hate" Islam, a stumbling block between faiths, especially Islam and Christianity. Israel Pernyerangan never-ending to the Palestinian people also make religious issues into the forefront as a provocation. While in Indonesia, like what?? Poso as a benchmark case of religious differences that had split hub between Muslims and Christians are now resolved. The situation there is conducive to this nation's barometer of success in overcoming crisis Bergama differences.

Viewed from that, Indonesia is a country that does not feel the impact of global crisis widely in any aspect. Policy Barack Obama president who wants to seek equality, mutual respect mengahargai and among religious communities in the world to make this nation a clear example of all the policies that, like the quotation from the compass .. com (5 / 6) obama several times before telling the public Muslims in Cairo, Egypt bagaimaa childhood passed in the country have certain mutual respect between faiths high

"I am a Christian. But, my father came from Kenya who are Muslims from generation to generation. As a child, I spent several years in Indonesia and listen Azan at dawn and at sunset," Obama said.

Not enough people until there is also another example for the world through beautiful words obama.
"Islamic tradition known as tolerance. We see it in the history of Andalus and Cordoba during the Inquisition. I saw it immediately as a child in Indonesia where Christians worship freely in Muslim-majority nation,"

Even her more extreme obama picked the verses of Al-Quran to be a reference for peace between faiths

"Scripture tells us the Qur'an, O mankind, We created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that ye may know each other", said obama.

Then he also took another verse, "the Scriptures teach us the Qur'an whoever kills dangers of an innocent person, then as if he had killed all mankind; Koran and the Bible also teaches whoever saved a life, it seemed will he saved the life of all mankind, "Obama said.

This predominantly Muslim nation was staring sweetly by the world, all eyes look for what's in the nation that Indonesia could become a new force when it fell. It turned out that Indonesia is a time bomb ready to take over the world with the real truth of democracy, a strong economic power and respect for differences with the heart.

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