Tuesday, October 20, 2009

biggest squid in the world

actually the title should be "the biggest squid in the sea" :D

A giant squid as long as 5.9 meters have been caught in nets in coastal Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico. The discovery of these giant animals in that location indicates that many things that not many people know about animals, especially the giant squid.

Giant squid is netted new weight reached 46.7 kg. He was captured on July 30 in a net trawls at a depth of 450 meters below the water drawn by the ship researchers. However, animals that die because they can not adjust to changes in pressure at different water depths when brought to the surface of the sea.

"When it comes trawl nets from the water, I saw there was something big in it, very big," said Anthony Martinez, water mammal researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The researchers are examining the actual types of sperm whale food intended to preserve the squid they have caught and then send it to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum for further investigation.

Giant squid are rarely found in one piece. The researchers usually only see the remnants of her body in the stomach as pemangsanya animal sperm whales. These findings make it very valuable time for researchers to study the animals that are more complete.

Giant squid can reach lengths of 12 meters and is usually found in the deep ocean, as in the waters of Spain and New Zealand. Previously recorded only once, namely in 1954, a giant squid was found dead floating in the Mississippi Delta, is still at around the Gulf of Mexico.

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