Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 rarest animal in the world

Most of us would not know this binatang2. Now they are in danger and they are threatened with extinction if we as human beings do not keep them
Want to know what? check it

1. The Pinta Island tortoise

The presence in the islands begged. Sign in Galapagos Giant Turtoise species. The world's rarest living because one thing is still alive, which is impossible to breed again.

2. Baiji (Yangtze River Dolphin)

The Baiji dolphin is fresh water that can only be found in the Yangtze River, China. The rest just live 10

3. The Vancouver Island Marmot

The presence in Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. 75 remaining in the tail alone. But've successfully developed a culture around the tail and approximately 150 new born 44.

4. Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat

Living in Madagascar, there's only less than 100 tails in the world. But the experts are still trying to create more development.

5. Javan Rhino the indonesian rhinoceros

Of 60 is known, where he lived there only 2 in Java (Indonesia) as in Vietnam. These rhinos still hunted in Malaysia, Sumatra, India for his horns taken.

6. Hispid hare

Commonly called "Bristly Rabbit" bias found in the Himalayas, Nepal, Bengal, and Assam. Just bias was found about 110 fish in the world.

7. Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat

ane gak tau ni own animal. Can be found in New South Wales and Victoria (Ausi) but now it's just the bias found in a national park near Epping Forest Station in Queensland. Just found about 113 tails only.

8. Tamaraw (Dwarf Water Buffalo)

Found in the Philippines. Well funny ni buffalo, liat deh ears. The first time declared endangered in 2000. now remaining approximately 30 to 200 fish. Still often poachers hunted the same.

9. Iberian Lynx

The Lynx. This cat, not a lion. As the name implies, here in the Iberian cat (kalo gak salah in spanish). Just now usually found only in Andalusia. Most die because taxable trap, which is used for capture game like rabbits. There were only 100, down from 400 during the year 2000.

10. Red Wolf

The wolf is still the same sodaraan gray wolf, but the smaller size. Now there are places where they live in northeastern North Carolina. Staying Wolves 20 pure red tail was found in 1980, but now has developed more than 200 species.

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