Monday, September 7, 2009

experiences of traveling to bali

when i on senior high school, me and my friend traveling to bali, we go with the whole of the school, including the teacher and the school's staff. we go there by bus because bali island are not too far from my location, after a night on the bus, we reach the gilimanuk strait.

after waiting for a while, we and all of my friends and the bus go through bali strait with a ferry. after a few hour, we land to the gilimanuk port.

i feel unhappy that time because we didn't have much time to spent and i only have a little of money, so we stay on the cheap hotel with a low quality of food and bavarages. but i feel great when we reach tanjung benoa beachm we're sailing to the one little island and see the sea trutles there.

i will write about my experience traveling to bali later.

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