Monday, June 29, 2009

travel mode transportation and backpacking

there is many transportation mode we can used to reach our travel destination, for example and the cheapest ones is riding a horse, hoho, seriously, we can ride a horse to reach the difficult traveling destination such as jungle, savana, desert and any others. but, we can also use a car, for examples are 4 wd car like range rover or toyota land cruisser.

if we want to reach a far zone, we can use a plane, but we know that there is no cheap air flight on the world, be patient readers.

if you are a low budget traveler, you can be a backpackers, and you can go anywhere with low cost budget, you can also sleep at cheap hotel which also calles as hostel, or in extreme condition you can sleep on your sleeping bag.

the philossophy of backpacking are how we can save much money, another language are we buy the experiences, not a things. the art of backpacking are we can take a picture as much as we can.

i will update articles about backpacking laters, now take your backpack and start backpacking.


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