Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mansbal Lake in India

hello you, let's make atrip to india and found many interesting things there

Manasbal....... a lake with the mysterious beauty in every corner, and filled with exotic charm..... is an unforgtettable escape.

Located 30 km away from Kashmir Manasbal Lake is one of the best lakes in the state. The lake is the summer capital of the Jammu and Kashmir State. In the summers the lake is surrounded by the Lotus flowers. Its greenish blue waters are wondrous and beautiful. The Baladar Mountain overlooks the lakes eastern bank while on its northern bank are the ruins of Darogabagh. The beauty of the spectacular Manasbal Lake coupled with the apple, mulberry, some platanus and Salix vegetation provides the uniquely invigorating experience. The Manasbal lake is one of the largest haunt of the aquatic birds in the winter. A steam that runs through a grove on the bank of the lake, between the hillside mosque and an ancient submerged temple. It the best location to observe the birds.

Manasbal Lake has a natural and perennial source of water. There are more than 1200 springs from where it receives water. It is the deepest lake of the Kashmir Valley. The air is clean and clear, as are the waterways. One can see for miles in all directions on a clear day, and a sunny day there takes ones breath away. The lake is surrounded by the three villages - Kondabal, Jarokbal and Gratbal overlooking the lake.

Serene water surface makes Manasbal an attractive water sports resort. It is considered as the best place for the water skiing. You can hire the latest water skiing equipment and the trained instructor to guide you at every moment. The Lake is equally popular for the water safaris. The tourists can enjoy the peaceful cruise on shikars in a virtually private area of Manasbal Lake. Drive in a special Shikara with two oars, gliding along the calm waters and enjoying the surrounding beauty The lake also provides the opportunity for Kayaking, canoeing and swimming in its water. Fishing is the popular activity carried out by the locals of that area.

Visitors can take the excursion trip from Manasbal to the Mughal Garden, built by Nur Jahan. It is also called as the Garoka (which means Bay Window) due to its view out over the lake. Than the travelers can also stroll the grove of the Chinar trees at the nearby village of the Safapur. Nearby is a cave dug by a mystic, with his grave lying next to a small shrine. You can also witness 13 rashtriya rifles located just south to the beautiful Manasbal Lake.

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