Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hotels, Resorts, Timeshares – Which Best Suits Your Travel Needs?

Where travelers settled after a long day wasn’t always that big a concern. Most were content as long as they had a bed and a shower. But times have changed and today’s travelers consider lodging just as important as the ultimate travel destination.

Fortunately, hotels and motels are no longer your only options. Now when you travel you can choose to spend your nights at big-chain hotels, budget motels, 5-star resorts, timeshares, guest houses, bed and breakfast inns, hostels and more. Here’s a closer look at the more popular travel lodging options.

Time for a Timeshare?

Timeshares offer travelers the best of both worlds. When you stay in a timeshare you get all the comforts of home even though you’re miles away from home. Fully-equipped kitchens, in-room washers and dryers, separate bedrooms, spacious accommodations, and lots of planned activities for children and adults are typical of most resort-style timeshare properties.

And where you once had to own a timeshare before you could trade it for other timeshare travel destinations, many properties have relaxed this requirement. So now even travelers who don’t own timeshares are taking full advantage of everything timeshares have to offer, including daily maid service!

The Old Favorites

Hotels and motels are still preferred by many and choosing is often driven by budget. Some travelers prefer to stick with familiar hotel chains. Others exchange accumulated credit card miles or rewards points so they lodge where their rewards programs allow. And of course, plenty of travelers still enjoy the bare basics found in many “mom-and-pop” motels.

Other Options

Hostels are popular among students and anyone looking for a “no-frills” adventure. Rates are cheap and accommodations stark, but generally are close to all the sights. Travelers looking for more intimate lodging often choose quaint bed-and-breakfast inns where they can snuggle up in front of a crackling fireplace with a favorite novel or companion.

If You Want to Avoid the Hassle

Don’t forget about the countless vacation packages tailored towards specific travel destinations. Vacation packages make travel planning easy because they include everything you need to make your trip a success: travel tickets, lodging, and even discounted or free attraction tickets.

You’ll find plenty of allinclusive vacation packages for practically any travel destination around the world, especially the more popular ones. If you’re on a budget, discount vacation packages are definitely worth investigating. You may not get a hotel with a glamorous view or granite countertops in the bathrooms but you’ll likely be near all the action. Just be sure to read the details so you know exactly what’s included in the vacation packages you’re considering.

There’s no doubt the Internet has made travel planning easier. So use it to learn everything you’d ever want to know – both good and bad – about the resorts, timeshares, hotels, vacation packages, and attraction tickets available at any travel destination you desire. And there’s no better place to start your search than right here at Vacation Packages To Go!

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